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Ensure compliance, streamline reporting, and confidently excel in audits with our reporting features within our Food Safety App.

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Reporting and Auditing

Audit with Ease – Batch, Stock, Check Lists , Food Display & Distribution Reports

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Our comprehensive Food Safety Reporting and Auditing solutions have been meticulously crafted to empower your business to rise to unparalleled heights in both aspects.

Reporting Reinvented:
In an era where information is power, our solutions harness the strength of technology to transform your reporting processes. No longer burdened by laborious manual procedures, our tools automate the compliance tracking, documentation, and reporting that are integral to your operations. This automation, bolstered by real-time data collection, ensures that regulatory compliance becomes an effortless rhythm within your organization.

Auditing Excellence:
Audits are the litmus test of your commitment to safety and quality. Our solutions provide you with an arsenal of data-driven insights and streamlined documentation, equipping you with a confident stride as you face auditors. By offering a transparent window into your practices, we enable a seamless and efficient auditing process, fostering a culture of transparency and accountability.

A Trusted Shield:
Consumer trust is not something granted casually; it’s earned through a steadfast commitment to safety. Our solutions empower you to prevent incidents, not just react to them. By seamlessly integrating real-time monitoring of critical control points, potential hazards are nipped in the bud, ensuring that your consumers are protected from harm’s way.

Our Features

Save time and drive productivity

Stock Reporting

  • Time and dates recorded
  • Records Visual Inspections, what recipes various ingredients are a part of.
  • Edit Stock Status on the web admin.
  • Ability to Approve and Decline stock and leave comments
  • Temperature Recordings
reporting and auditing

Batch Reporting​

  • Time Stamped when Batches are created
    All stock used in a particular batch
  • All Visual inspections the Batch went through
    Procedures – Showing Cooking, Chilling, times and CCP Temperatures
  • Holdings – Shows Hot Cold, time and Temperatures
  • Packing – How many batches Packed
  • Dispatch – Where batches have gone and what Quantities
  • Quality Assurance – Reject, Approve or leave comments
batch reporting

Check Lists

  • View when Check Lists where completed and by who
  • Displays all Tasks
  • Comments and Actions recorded
  • Quality Assurance can approve or Reject the report and leave comments
Distribution Tracking​

Food Display Reports

  • Show start and end times for Hot and Chilled Holding
  • Shows list of products involved in each holding
  • Displays Temperature of each product involved and temperature check
  • Ability to see Status as complete or on progress
reporting and audtiing

Benefits of Food Safety Reporting and Auditing


Streamlined Compliance

Navigating the labyrinth of regulatory requirements can be an arduous endeavor. Our solutions offer a guiding light through this complex landscape.

By automating compliance tracking, documentation, and reporting, we unburden you from the tedium of manual processes.

This streamlining not only saves you time and resources but also instills confidence that your operations consistently meet industry standards.

Through a harmonious symphony of technology and expertise, our solutions become the backbone of your compliance journey.

reporting and auditing


In the realm of food safety, timing is everything. Our real-time monitoring capabilities function as vigilant sentinels, tirelessly standing guard over your critical control points and processes.

The moment a potential hazard or deviation is detected, our solutions trigger swift corrective actions.

This proactive approach not only averts risks but empowers you to address challenges before they escalate. With the ability to act swiftly, your organization remains in control, mitigating risks and ensuring the safety of your consumers.

Distribution Tracking​


Audits are the litmus test of your commitment to excellence. Our tools are meticulously designed to prepare you for these crucial assessments.

The comprehensive data at your fingertips, coupled with streamlined documentation, ensures that you enter the audit room with confidence.

Instead of scrambling for information, you'll be poised to present a clear, organized, and precise picture of your food safety practices.

This empowers auditors to see your dedication, resulting in smoother audits and ultimately positive outcomes.

reporting and audtiing


Data is the compass that guides improvement. Our solutions harness the power of data analytics to unearth valuable insights from the sea of information. By identifying trends, areas for enhancement, and potential risks, you're empowered to make informed decisions. This virtuous cycle of insights informs continuous improvement, enabling you to refine your food safety protocols. Armed with data-driven clarity, you can confidently steer your organization towards the pinnacle of safety and quality.

Why Choose Our Solutions:

At Food Guard, we understand the diverse challenges that different industries face when it comes to maintaining food safety and compliance. Our Food Safety Management System (FSMS) app is designed to address the unique needs of various sectors, ensuring that food products are safe, high-quality, and compliant with regulations. Here are the industries we proudly serve:


Our solutions are developed by experts with deep insights into food safety practices, ensuring alignment with industry standards and best practices.

User-friendly Interface

Navigating through our software is intuitive, making it accessible for both seasoned professionals and those new to food safety reporting and auditing.


Food safety can't afford compromise. Our solutions are designed to be reliable, secure, and resilient, giving you peace of mind.

Proven Results

Many businesses have transformed their food safety practices with our solutions, experiencing improved compliance, enhanced operational efficiency, and fortified consumer trust.

Get Started: Enhance your food safety practices with our cutting-edge Food Safety Reporting and Auditing solutions. Contact us today to learn more about how our technology can revolutionize your approach to food safety, compliance, and auditing.

What Our Clients Think.

Food Guard eliminates the use of paper and filing within the production factory. Information can be stored online and viewed instantly without the additional hassle of searching through files. The system removes human error between the processing steps and allows for compliance within the company in a simplified manner.
Caoilinn Q.
Quality Assurance Manager

ask us

  • Food safety reporting and auditing are essential for ensuring that your food products meet regulatory requirements, preventing contamination, and upholding consumer safety.

  • Our solutions automate compliance tracking, documentation, and reporting, reducing the time and effort required for manual compliance management.

Yes, our solutions provide real-time monitoring of critical control points, allowing you to address deviations promptly and prevent potential hazards.

  • Absolutely. Our solutions offer data analytics features that enable you to identify trends, areas for improvement, and potential risks, enhancing your decision-making process.

Getting started is simple. Contact us through the provided information, and our team will guide you through the process, explaining how our solutions can best fit your business needs.

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